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These are great for my needs! I used Hilltop's videos to help me decide which bags best fit what I was looking for. This particular bag is going to work perfectly for my sleeping setup. They are great, better than even I expected, and they turned my order around super fast. These are going to be a core component in my system for thru hiking the Colorado Trail in August. Already planning to add a few more to my arsenal for my kids' packs. It's also great to know that a small business living its dream is part of my journey across the high country of Colorado this summer.
Purchased: Dry Bags Roll Top Ultralight (ECOPAK)

Jun 24, 2022

Happy Packer

Picked up the Jumbo bag. Pugged that sucker full rolled er up and dunked it in water - dry as a bone. Since the purchase had them out on a few trips . Tidy and Very strong. I can see no reason why I would have any issues at all with these or any Hilltop packs products. Work(person)ship and materials are excellent. Thanks again :-)
Dry Bags Roll Top Ultralight (ECOPAK)
Bruce Hunter

May 17, 2022


I got the REI flex air bag, as I wanted to carry the chair on the outside of my pack. This bag is a huge improvement over the enormous bag REI supplies, which weighed 32g. The hilltop bag is just big enough to easily put the chair in, without having so much excess bag that it gets in the way, all while weighing in at 6g. I’m very pleased with it!
Chair Ultralight Stuff Sacks (DYNEEMA)
Collin Edelstein

Jun 20, 2022

Hilltop Packs LLC
Hilltop Packs LLC

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