We are Hilltop Packs

A family owned business focused on creating ultralight and ultra-custom hiking products. We do this with a small group of amazing gear makers in our little shop in Waynesburg PA.

To be different. To create truly one of a kind but highly functional gear you won't find in major retail stores.  With personalized food bags, fanny packs, dry bags, and more... your gear will be as unique as your personal journey.

Our ability to personalize your backpacking equipment. We can custom print any color, pattern, or photo submitted by the customer with most of our backpacking products.

Ben our founder, in 2019, posted a photo of his custom printed food bag with a bear printed on it to Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit. This quickly caught everyone's attention. An opportunity was born to give people what they wanted – gear with some personality! Since then we carefully assembled a small team of passionate gear makers and created this small but mighty company we call Hilltop Packs.

We also own a Coffee Roastery! You can view our dedicated coffee site at www.HilltopPacksCoffee.com


Ben McMillen
Owner of Hilltop Packs
Co-Owner Hilltop Packs Coffee
Trail Name: Still no trail name
Fun Fact: Ben tells jokes that only he, and on a good day, maybe like one other person in the room finds funny. He claims he's ok with that.

Kailee McMillen
Payroll & HR
Started in 2019
Trail Name: Ben's Wife
Fun Fact: Kailee is Ben's wife. She keeps Ben's shhhh straight. Kailee also manages our Photography studio. 

Amie Lou
Operations Manager
Started in 2019
Trail Name: Shop Mom
Fun Fact: Amie yells a lot. Usually at Christian. Amie is also pretty famous in the competitive duck herding community.


Christian Wilson
Graphic Designer
Started in 2020
Trail Name: Elvis
Fun Fact. Usually the reason Amie is yelling. Has dressed up as a Llama more than the average person.

Brandon McMillen
Business to Business Manager
& IT Specialist
Started in 2020
Trail name: Angel Hair
Fun Fact: A computer nerd who also Collects Banana Label Stickers. Has awesome hair. 

Jen C
Customer Service
Started in 2020
Trail Name: Salsa
Fun Fact: When you reach out to Hilltop Packs 83.7% of the time it will be Jen who replies. And she likes dolphins.

Hanna McMillen
Part-time Gear Maker
Full-time Ben's Daughter
Started in 2019
Trail Name: Eyebrows
Fun Fact: Only been to prison once. Jail twice. Arrested five times. Escaped three times. 

Gear Maker
Started in 2021
Trail Name: Procrastinator
Fun Fact: Cuts her fingers on a weekly basis.

Sewing Shop Supervisor
Started in 2021
Trail Name: Rear End
Fun Fact: Never gets yelled at.

Steve Barrett
Creative Content Writer and cut shop.
Started in 2022
Trail Name: Keychain
Fun Fact: Knows all the different there, their, they're words and even how to use them their words correctly. 

Gear Maker
Started in 2022
Trail Name: Steve Hater
Fun Fact: Doesn't like Steve

Shop Assistant
Started in 2022
Trail Name: Not Courtney
Fun Fact: Her name has never been Courtney.

Bridget V
Co-Owner Hilltop Packs Coffee
Manages The Coffee Shop
Trail Name: Aunt Bee
Fun Fact: She loves when people call her Aunt Bridget

Coffee Shop Assistant
Started in 2021
Trail Name: K-Cup
Fun Fact: Loves making K-Cups

Ed Hughes
Head Coffee Roaster
Started in 2021
Trail Name: Candles
Fun Fact: Has never been seen not smiling



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