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Dry Bags Roll Top Ultralight (Non-printed) (DYNEEMA)

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Color: Gray
Dry Bag Size: 5x8" Small
Dyneema Fabric Weight: 1.43 Dyneema

Dry Bags - Roll Top Ultralight

  • These roll top dry bags strike an amazing balance of strength and ultralight weight.
  • *Want Custom Printed Dry Bags? Go here.


  • Made from 1.0oz or 1.43oz thickness Dyneema® these bags are perfect for ultralight backpacking. All include taped seams for increased weather resistance keeping your clothes, quilts and other valuable items dry on the trail.


  • Not all colors are available for each size and thickness. See selections for availability.
  • Not all colors are available all the time.


  • The 1.0oz Dyneema® (DCF) is a perfect option for carrying lighter items such as clothes, med kits or hygiene items inside your backpack. For electronics and heavier items upgrade to the 1.43oz Dyneema®.
  • The 1.43oz option is also ideal for external carry on the outside of your pack such is in the mesh front pocket or side pockets.

NOTE: Not designed to be used as a food bag or hung from a tree. For food bags and food bag kits go here.


  • 5x8" Small (0.25oz) 0.6 Liters
  • 7.5x10.25" Medium (0.35oz) 2.5 Liters
  • 7.5x14.5" Medium Long (0.45 oz) 3.5 Liters
  • 11x16.5" Large (0.70oz) (7-8 Liters) 7.5 Liters
  • 12.25"x22.25" Jumbo (0.77oz) 11 Liters
  • 13.5"x23.5" Jumbo PLUS (0.81oz) 15 Liters


    • Small: Stoves, Toiletries and small items
    • Medium: Ditty Bag or minimal clothing
    • Medium Long: Larger Diddy Bag, or Light weight Clothing
    • Large: Typical Clothing Bag
    • Jumbo: Winter clothes or Lightweight quilt 50 to 20 degree range
    • Jumbo PLUS: 30 to -20 Degree Lightweight Quilt


    • 50 Degree Quilts down to 20 Degree Quilts use the "Jumbo" Dry Bag. Lighter quilts will allow extra room for clothes.
    • 30 Degrees Quilts down to -20 Quilts use the "Jumbo Plus". Lighter quilts will allow extra room for clothes.
    • See Video for sizing


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