What are current lead times when I place my order?

  • A lot of our products are made to order. Anything that includes printing is considered custom. Current lead times can be found here.

    Do you have tips on ordering custom printed Hilltop Packs products?

    Will Hilltop Packs Design My Print For Me?

    Where is Hilltop Packs located?

    • Our current shop is located at 1006 E Greene Street, Waynesburg, PA. Stop in and see us!

    Does Hilltop Packs own a Coffee Roastery?

    • Yep! You can buy fresh roasted coffee from our sister company Hilltop Packs Coffee Co. We even ship! If you visit our location to pick up your backpacking gear take a tour of the roasting room and sample some coffee! Visit Hilltop Packs Coffee Company here.

    Who is Hilltop Packs?

    • ​We are a family owned business. You can find more info about us here.

    Affiliate program for Hilltop Packs?

    • Yes! Earn 5% on every order you refer to us. Sign up here.

    What Payments does Hilltop Packs take?

    • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay. There may be more available at checkout.

    Does Hilltop Packs take payments?

    • Yes. Visit the checkout page for details when checking out which breaks your payments up into 4 payments.

      Shipping, How much and what countries do you ship to?

      • $4 Unlimited US shipping no matter how big your order. Outside of the US in most cases shipping is under $15. Your shipping price will be displayed at checkout. Some clothing items may require an additional shipping charge.


      Dry Bag or Stuff Sack Sizes for Quilts

      Will Hilltop Packs make a custom product?

      • We occasionally take on custom orders for items you do not see on the website. Contact us about your next project. Lead times on custom orders will be longer than current lead times listed for regular products.

      Have an idea for a funny bear bag or other product?

      • We love adding a little humor into our products. Have an idea that might make someone laugh? Contact us.

      What size dry bag is best for a ditty bag?

      • Most people use our medium or medium long dry bag for their ditty bag. Our Dual Pocket Gadget Bag is also a good choice. Read this article about Ditty Bags.

      How is the Print quality on different types of Dyneema® ?

      • Our printing process is permanent. Will not fade, bleed, or scratch off. There are some differences in how your print will look with different types of Dyneema®. 1.0, 1.43 are both semi-clear but still print really well and comes out smooth and shiny. The 2.92 and 5.0 Dyneema® has an abrasion layer that is white that prints more like a canvas photo print.
      • 1.0 Is perfect for more for patterns and logos. Photos will work but will appear translucent.
      • 1.43 Could be used for more detailed artwork. Well exposed and sharp photos also look good on 1.43 but keep in mind it's still translucent.
      • 2.92 Is good for everything including photos and text. Photos come out looking like it was printed on canvas. Artwork and logos also look amazing on 2.92.
      What file types and file sizes can you print?
      • JPG & PNG. Most other common formats will work as well.
      • Try and keep your file size under 20mb. 
      • Please do not send copyrighted photos or graphics that you do not own.
      • No images depicting anything illegal.
      • Pretty much everything else goes.

      Do you offer a warranty?
      We sure do. You can find that info here.

      What are Hilltop Packs Social Media pages?

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