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What makes a good ditty bag?
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What makes a good ditty bag?

So what does make a good Ditty Bag? The answer to that question will be different for different people. But we have some ideas. We hope this helps! We will assume you are considering your purchase from Hilltop Packs. So sizes and fabric types will most likely only apply to Hilltop Packs.

Small items that backpackers or hikers carry might get lost in larger bags. So we use smaller bags that we call "Ditty Bags." This could be a med kit, toiletries kit, hygiene kit, or even an electronics kit. What type of bag is best for you? Hopefully we will help answer that question below.

Consider your activity. Just as watches or phones have different levels of waterproofing so do dry bags. The biggest difference being will the water trying to enter the seam be under load (submerged)? If you are hiking, backpacking, biking, or just camping, just about any advertised dry bag or even a zip lock bag will do. If you are using this for a canoe, kayak or fishing trip we would suggest picking up "boating" specific dry bags. Yes they are much heavier but boating specific dry bags will have thicker fabric, welded seams and a longer roll down section indented to be under water and under load from a possible submersion. In most cases hikers will only need rain, moisture and dust protection and just about any cottage vender or name brand dry bag with sewn and taped seams like Hilltop Packs will do wonderfully. 

Consider what you are putting in it and the level of protection you need. Even the time of year or weather may play into this decision. There are benefits to both. Stuff sacks are great for clothing or quilts because they will compress down when needed inside of your pack But, stuff sacks may not be great for electronics, med kits or toiletries if you want to ensure they stay dry. Especially if you keep this on the outside of your back. For us, dry bags for any type of ditty bag for the win.

If you are carrying your ditty bag on the inside of your pack you will be fine with anything we offer. If you are carrying this bag on the outside of your pack we suggests something with 1.43 Dyneema fabric.


  • Medium Dry Bag Perfect for most people in most situations. Great for med kits and small electronics.
  • Medium LONG Dry Bag. We usually suggestion this one for anyone who carries a larger battery bank and camera batteries. Also good if you are combining a med kit and toiletries.
  • Dual Pocket Gadget Bag Regular Size. Great for smaller dialed in kits. Has 2 pockets. Example: one side is great for holding wet wipes and hand sanitizer while the other holds your TP.
  • Dual Pocket Gadget Bag XL. This larger size is great for larger battery banks and anyone who combines different kits. With 2 pockets it makes organizing a snap.

We hope this helps! If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to reach out.

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