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Sticky Wallet w/ Adhesive Backing

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Ultralight Zippered Sticky Wallet w/ Adhesive Backing


Keep your wallet and keys safe inside this sticky wallet. Easy mounts inside your ultralight backpack or dry bag. 


  • Made of high visibility Ecopak fabric.
  • Adhesive is semi-permanent. Meaning it's strong and will stay in place but can be removed if needed. Replacement adhesive available upon request.

Size & Weight

  • 4.5x5.5" - 0.47oz


  • High Visibility Yellow to help see it inside your pack or bag.

What will it stick to?

  • Dyneema & Ecopack fabrics used in backpacks, dry bags, and even tents!
  • Will not stick to the woven side of Dyneema or Ecopack. Must be stuck to the smooth side which is typically the inside.


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