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Cell Phone Shoulder Pouch (Shoulder Strap Mount)

Color: Black


Cell Phone Shoulder Pouch (Shoulder Strap Mount)

Cell Phone Shoulder Pouch. Easily adjusts to any backpack strap with loops using the velcro adjuster. If you are unsure if your backpack will work contact us. If you purchase these are they end up not fitting your pack you an always return them for a 100% refund. 


  • Easily holds a phone or snacks. Works with the largests smartphones we tested.
  • Includes a Mesh Pocket
  • Made of EPLX 200 ECOPAK
  • Roll Top Enclosure (Better weather resistance)
  • Seam taped (Better weather resistance)
  • Easy attach and swap between backpacks using Z clips and a removable velcro.
  • Adjusts for perfect position on your backpack strap using the velcro adjuster.


  • Size 4.5x8" (9.5" Unrolled)
  • Weight 1.3 ounces


  • Colors currently available will be shown below. Currently only black in stock.


  • Two year warranty. Like all our handmade gear... Have a problem? Send it back for repair or replacement. No questions asked. We proudly stand behind our products.


    • Purchase will confidence. If you purchase these are they end up not fitting your needs you an always return them for a 100% refund. 

    Where it's made
    Made right here in the USA by by Hilltop Packs in Waynesburg PA.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Greg Santos
    Best Shoulder Pouch for Cell Phones!

    I've been searching for the perfect cell phone pouch for my pack for a couple of years now. The first two I tried were goid but no cigar. I decided to give hilltop packs I try and I'm glad I did. The construction quality is outstanding and the design is great with one minor flaw. I love the simple roll top design. i
    It's the best for one handed opening and closing- far better than zipper tops which require two. Truly waterproof and plenty big enough for my large phone. The velcro attachment strap on the rear is a good design and allows for a lots of attachment flexibility although in my opinion does have one flaw. The hook and loop is not quite strong enough to keep it attached when you bend over. The bottom half uncouples. I was able to fix this with a small modification of my own. I attached some adhesive back Velcro perpendicular to the bottom of the strap that folds over the attaching strap is perfectly anchors it in place no matter how I move.

    Queen Anne
    LOVE my phone Cell Phone Shoulder Pouch

    I bought one from another vendor (rhymes with “knee-packs”😉) and it was not very useful. By the time it was cinched onto the strap, it had decreased in volume by 1/3-1/2. This one is designed with lots of usable space and I especially love the mesh pocket in front…it’s so big. Great product, Hilltop!


    Arrived quick, can’t wait to take my gear out on the trail.


    Great! It was a gift for my sister!


    Exactly what I wanted