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Stuff Sacks for Cook Pots

Size: Pot Size #1

 Stuff Sacks for cook pots help shed some extra weight from stock stuff sacks that came with your titanium cook pot. They also help keep the lid in place.

Made from ultralight 1.0 Dyneema (DCF) fabric. The sacks are designed to hold everything in place inside your pot. Includes a round bottom.

Pot Sack #1: Fits most 550 - 650ml titanium Pots
Examples: Toaks 550 & 650, Lixada 550, Usharedo 550, Bestargot 550, ROCREEK 550, Valken 550, OUTXE 550, and more
Weight 0.15 ounces or 4.5 grams

Pot Sack #2: Fits most 700-750ml titanium pots
Examples: Toaks 700-750, Go far Gear 750, Lixada 750, Usharedo 750, Bestargot 750, ROCREEK, Valken 750, OUTXE 750, and more 
Weight 0.16 ounces or 4.7 grams

Pot Sack #3: Fits The Jetboil Stash, Evernew Pasta Pot 1000, & most 900-1000ml Pots
Examples: Jetboil Stash, Evernew Pasta Pot 1000, & most 900-1000ml Pots
Weight: .21 ounces

Pot Sack #4: Fits the MSR Windburner 1.8L
May fit other 1.8L cooksets
Weight: .24 ounces

Pot Sack #5 Fits 1600ml Pots
Fits most 1400-2000ml pots
Weight: .22 ounces

Pot Sack #6 Fits 1100ml & 350ml Combo sets
Fits most sets that are near 1100ml & 350. 1200 & 500ml combo sets also fit.
Weight: .22 ounces

Pot Sack #7 Fits 1100ml Cook pots
Fits most 1000-1200ml cook pots
Weight: .21 ounces

*Pot not included. Stuff sack or pot bag only. 

*Looking for a size you don't see? Shoot us a msg and we will see if we can add it.

Where it's made?
Made in the USA by Hilltop Packs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael N.
Perfect fit and look

Just what i needed, fits the Keith 900ml pot perfectly.

Brian K.

Perfect size

Tim R.

Product is good. Fits my pots


Fits toaks 750 perfectly

Kalman T.
Like it was made for my cook set.

This stuff sack fits my cook set so well it looks like it was made specifically for it. The stitching, material, and overall construction is of exceptional quality. It is exactly what I wanted in this product.

thank you!