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Dual Pocket Battery Bags

Size: Small


Dual Pocket Battery Bags! Always know which batteries are charged and which ones are dead with color coded pockets. Be the envy of all your friends! 


  • Made of DTRS75 ECOPAK. Highly weather resistant with a cinch top. Video above says Dyneema but all new Dual Pocket Battery Bags are made of DTRS75 ECOPAK.


  • Small Dual Pocket Battery Bag $16 5.24"x5.25". Weighing just .21 ounces or 7 grams. Holds 3-4 Full size DSLR batteries.
  • Large Dual Pocket Battery Bag $18 7.5"x5.25". Weighing just .31 ounces or 8 grams. Holds 7-8 Full size DSLR batteries.


  • Two year warranty. Like all our handmade gear... Have a problem? Send it back for repair or replacement. No questions asked. We proudly stand behind our products.


    • Purchase with confidence. If you purchase these are they end up not fitting your needs you an always return them for a 100% refund. 

      Where it's made
      Made right here in the USA by Hilltop Packs in Waynesburg PA.

      Wholesale Options
      This item is available for wholesale and group buys. Please contact us for details.

      60 Day Return Policy

      Buy with confidence. Bought an item that doesn't fit your needs? Maybe you ordered the wrong size? Return it for a full refund within 60 days (Buyer pays shipping). See our full warranty and return policy here

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      The Solution I Never Knew I Needed - Love it!

      For years my spent camera batteries have always ended up in the bottom of my pack. They were only to be found during full pack dumps, which rarely happens unless I'm taking a big trip. I would always write them off as being lost and pick up new ones. Not anymore! This little sack is genius and perfect! I always keep my fully charged batteries in a little bag so this solution combines my charged with the spent. It's so well made and I really enjoy it. I just ordered a 2nd one for my dad. He tends to throw spent batteries in the black hole of his camera bag.


      Great idea and functional

      not just for batteries....

      Funny use of this awesome bag.... I take a lot of 1 to 2 day trips each week. Ladies, I use this bag as a clean-dirty underwear bag: underwear on the green side is good to go, red is, well, you get the idea. It's perfect!

      Tamara L.C.
      Dual Battery Bags

      Excellent! Not only is it a great way to keep your batteries organized it takes up little space and you can separate the spent batteries from the new ones. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone camping or bike packing and the batteries get mixed up as you’re trying to change them out. This is a game changer! Fits easy into my backpack or pannier and I love that it has a visual on the bag so you know what’s inside it.
      Just a suggestion on the cover of the bag you could put AA or AAA. On the larger bags maybe put C or D etc.
      Genius! Well done Hilltop. These make great gift bags for your hiking and bike packing friends. I was so impressed, I ordered more as gifts.

      thank you! maybe we will add a few different prints in the future. good idea!


      A must have