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Summit Suds Powdered Soap by Pika Outdoors


All Purpose Natural Powdered Camping Soap by Pika Outdoors

Like all backpackers, you only want to carry what you need, and unless you are backpacking for months at a time, you don’t need to bring 3oz of soap. We know you are just going put the soap in a smaller container. Which is why Summit Suds comes in a large compostable pouch – why give you a plastic container you will eventually throw away? We recommend reusing a travel size hand sanitizer bottle.


  • Light Weight: Possibly the lightest backpacking soap
  • pH Neutral: Pure water has a pH level of 7 and so does this soap. Summit Suds is as harmless as water. Some popular backpacking soaps have a pH level of 10+! That can’t be great for your skin or the environment.
  • Natural: 4 of 5 ingredients are plant-based + baking soda
  • Biodegradable: Even the pouch it comes in is compostable. Planet 1, Garbage 0
  • Mess-Free: No need to worry if you spill some in your pack or your gear – just blow it off!
  • Fragrance-Free: AKA animal visitation-free
  • Doesn't Freeze: Perfect for winter campers

Use For:  Hands, Body, Hair, Clothes, Dishes



Weight: 3oz


  • Sodium Bicarbonate – Aka baking soda, is known as a natural and powerful cleaning agent. It also eliminates odors on your stanky self and clothes.
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate – This is the foaming agent that comes from coconuts!
  • Corn Starch – Gives a smooth feel on your hands. It comes from corn… duh.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – This can help heal the skin and it comes from plants!
  • Citric Acid – This helps get rid of dead skin cells and helps neutralize pH level

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty Good!

For hands, body, and dishes, this is a five-star soap. (Haven't yet washed clothes with it.) It did, however, leave my face pretty dry, hence the four stars (if 4.5 was possible, that's what I'd have given it). But, it's ridiculously light, you don't need more than a small dash to create good lather, and it's not going to leak all over the place. When my bag is gone, I would definitely reorder.