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Large Food Bag Custom RED

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Large Food bag with a flat bottom. Custom red print. Made of Ecopack DTRS75. Its the same as our other DTRS75 large food bags. New condition. Multiple available.

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  • Missprint or slight printing issue
  • Imperfect sewing. Still fully functional
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Customer Reviews

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Brent R.
It’s in the Bag Baby!

My first HTP product(s)! Love them! Finally got a good food bag, holds it ALL! Tent stake bag is big, but not too big. Great quality and will work perfectly on those “frozen” finger mornings! Highly Recommended! TY Rougarou 2022 AT NOBO

Julia L.
Great bag!

Color sets it apart from others! Held 12 meals for a family of 4 on a weekend trip!