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We started a Coffee Roastery!
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We started a Coffee Roastery!

In 2021 Ben and his Aunt Bridget officially started Hilltop Packs Coffee Company. A sister company of Hilltop Packs. Both located at 1006 E Greene Street in Waynesburg PA.

It's no secret that backpackers LOVE coffee. A little piece of home out on the trail. Instant coffee while convenient, isn't always the best option for coffee lovers. For this reason Ben and many others opt to take fresh ground coffee on each trip. There are several ultralight pour over products created just for hikers on the market. This gives backpackers the option of better coffee while enjoying the outdoors. This is where the idea of adding a  Coffee Roastery to Hilltop Packs began.

Ben & Aunt Bridget started Hilltop Packs Coffee to serve two markets. One, our local community in Southwestern PA and the other, hikers who crave freshly roasted coffee. At the moment Hilltop Packs Coffee Company has 15 different coffees with plans to expand that past 20 in the near future.

What is a coffee roastery? We take raw coffee beans from around the world and roast them in various roast levels. Each bean flavor is unique to it's region, soil, moisture content, and altitude. Taste testing these beans is the best part! Once we find single origin or blends we like, we give it name. Usually a name that has something to do with hiking or our local community.

If you get a chance to visit our store be sure to ask for a tour of both Hilltop Packs and Hilltop Packs Coffee Company. We have free coffee samples out every day!

To try Hilltop Packs Coffee Company you can order online or visit our shop in person. As always we appreciate your support! for more info visit 


1 comment on We started a Coffee Roastery!

  • Judith Cook.
    Judith Cook.June 04, 2022
    Why don’t you offer iced coffee in the area where one can order a pastry and a coffee?

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