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Tent Stakes (ultralight aluminum)

Size: Small 6"

Available in 2 sizes.  Price includes 1 tent stake, Buy only what you need.

Small: 6" inches 0.31 ounces or 9 grams each
Medium: 7"inches 0.46 ounces or 13 grams each

  • Triangular Y-beam architecture provides robust anchoring and stability in diverse soil conditions.
  • A notch at the top helps hold under tension when guy lines are secured; 
  • Crafted from 7000-series aluminum, Tent Takes' stakes are both lightweight and strong.
  • Medium tent stakes include a heavier pull cord. Small tent stakes include a lighter cord. Cord colors may vary.
    Does not include a stuff sack. 

Need a tent stake stuff sack?
Click here

Where are they made?
We do not produce these ourselves. These tent stakes are made in several countries including China. If you know of a US supplier please let us know.

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