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Food Bags w/ Custom Printing (DYNEEMA) bear bags

Size: Small
Bottom Option: No Flat Bottom
Spoon Stash Option: No Spoon Stash


  • Never get your food bag mixed up again with your own print!
  • Made of Dyneema® (DCF) Ultralight, ultra-tough and now ultra-custom!
  • Seam taped for increased weather resistance (virtually waterproof).
  • Print is permanent and will never fade.
  • Same design printed on both sides.


  • Small: $64
  • Large: $69


  • 16x19 Large in 2.92 Dyneema® Weighs 1.9oz
  • 11x17 Small in 2.92oz Dyneema® Weighs 1.5oz


  • 16x19 Large - 3-7 Days Food (12-13 Liters)
  • 11x17 Small - 1-3 Days Food (7-8 Liters)


  • Use our photo uploader to create your perfect Food Bag.
  • Same design printed on both sides.



  • Just use the size as the bag you are ordering as the dimensions and set your resolution at 300. 
  • There will be about 1/2 to 1 inch loss around the edges as we sew it together. Allow for this. 
  • Then just upload the same you would any photo.
  • Our editor will fix any minor crop issues so your print is full bleed.


            • Flat bottom. The Flat bottom allows the bag to stand up while empty. When full they both work equally well standing up. Add $3 for flat bottom.
            • Spoon Stash Never lose your spoon in the bottom of your food bag again! Only adds 0.10 ounce. It's a little pocket on the inside that holds your spoon. See video here. Add $6

              2.92oz DYNEEMA® FABRIC

              • 2.92oz Dyneema® (White) looks great with all types of images, photos, patterns, graphics, logos, and text. 2.92 Also adds an abrasion layer for longer lasting use.
              • 1.43oz Dyneema® We are no longer printing on 1.43oz Dyneema for food bags. We switched most of our lighter bag printing to DTRS75 ECOPAK

                Bear Proof?

                • Bear/Food bags are not bear or critter proof. You will still need to properly store your food.

                  Need a rock sack, throw line, or carabiner?
                  Check out our accessories page

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                  This is usually caused by a file size issue. New cellphone cameras can create LARGE file sizes. Also taking photos with "portrait mode" or other filters on store extra data that doesn't play well with with our system. Solution: Use any photo editing software and edit the size of the file to the dimensions of whatever product you are ordering and set your resolution to no higher than 300. This should fix your problem.

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                  Customer Reviews

                  Based on 51 reviews
                  Lizz B.
                  My bag survived a bear attack!

                  I'm 3 weeks into my AT thru, and a little over a week ago a bear swiped my bag from a PCT hang. My bag and its contents were nowhere to be seen anywhere around the shelter. Defeated, I went back into Franklin and got a basic dry sack as a placeholder until my replacement arrived.

                  Two days later, I found my missing bag at a trail junction like 5-10 miles past the shelter I lost it at! The food was all eaten inside and only trash remained, but I had my beloved bag back! I kept hiking on and at the end of my day, I ran into a group of people who I shared the shelter with where my bag was lost. One guy found it and packed it out thinking he'd run into me again, and he was the one to put it at the trail junction where I found it. The red loop on the bag was ripped off, and there were just 3 tiny pinholes (pictured) that were easily fixed by some duct tape.

                  After a bear had ravaged through my food bag, it was barely even damaged! I am dedicated to taking this bag with me to Katahdin 💯

                  this is anamazing story! when you complete your hike and you want us to repair the red tab let us know!

                  Love D.

                  Love these food bags!! The large size is plenty big for a week-long trip for me and my dogs, and the custom print came out beautifully! I prefer the snap closure to the velcro closure of my previous Zpacks food bag, and the Hilltops bag is a thicker dyneema, too, so will likely last longer. Will definitely be ordering more custom printed bags in the future. Thanks!

                  Just buy one!

                  I love my food bag. do you need a custom printed bear bag? No, but do you want a custom printed bear bag because they're awesome? Yes! I ordered the large size, it's huge! I have a 4 night trip coming up, it fits with plenty of room to spare, I could get 2 or 3 more days in there. I'd recommend getting the large, the weight difference is negligible at best, and you can use it for big and small trips. I scrutinized this bag trying to find a flaw, but I couldn't. The quality of this bag is bar none. You lot over there at hilltop are top notch!

                  Kevin M.
                  Delivered on time and as ordered!

                  100% satisfied.


                  The bag had plenty of space. Roll-top is very easy to operate. The custom print came out very high quality. Awesome bags, I’d recommend em to anyone!