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Food Bags w/ Custom Printing (ECOPAK DTRS75) Bear Bag

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Size: Small
Bottom Option: No Flat Bottom
Spoon Stash Option: No Spoon Stash

ECOPAK DTRS75 (Formally 50w) (Hybrid fabric)

ECOPAK DTRS75 is a hybrid fabric using both recycled and virgin materials in its construction. An extremely ultralight and strong food bag with the large weighing just 1.6oz and the small weighing just 1.15oz. Don't let the lightweight fool you. This stuff is tough! This fabric contains an extra waterproofing layer to protect your food and gear. We are very excited about this particular fabric for food bags, dry bags, and stuff sacks. Strong, ultralight weight, and we can print on it.

  • Never get your food bag mixed up again with your own print!
  • Made of ECOPAK™® DTRS75. Ultralight, ultra-tough and ultra-custom!
  • All seams are taped for extreme weather resistance.
  • Print is permanent and will never fade.

  • Same design printed on both sides.


  • Small: $59
  • Large: $64


  • 16x19 Large in ECOPAK™ DTRS75 Weighs 1.6oz
  • 11x17 Small in ECOPAK™ DTRS75 Weighs 1.15 oz


  • 16x19 Large - 3-7 Days Food (12-13 Liters)
  • 11x17 Small - 1-3 Days Food (7-8 Liters)


  • Use the uploader to upload photos and create your perfect Food Bag. 
  • Same design printed on both sides.



  • Just use the size as the bag you are ordering as the dimensions and set your resolution at 300. 
  • There will be about 1/2 to 1 inch loss around the edges as we sew it together. Allow for this. 
  • Then just upload the same you would any photo.
  • Our editor will fix any minor crop issues so your print is full bleed.


            • Flat bottom. The Flat bottom allows the bag to stand up while empty. When full they both work equally well standing up. Add $3 for flat bottom.
            • Spoon Stash Never lose your spoon in the bottom of your food bag again! Only adds 0.10 ounce. It's a little pocket on the inside that holds your spoon. See video here. Add $6

              Bear Proof?

              • Bear/Food bags are not bear or critter proof. You will still need to properly store your food.

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              Check out our accessories page

                Where it's made
                Made right here in the USA by by Hilltop Packs in Waynesburg PA.

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