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Apex Giant Micro Stove


We wanted a faster more stable stove. Solid construction for many years of use. A more direct and focused flame contact (less fannying out) perfect for today's titanium cook pots. No wasted flame on the side on your pot.

In our testing we were able to use less fuel and still boil up to 15% faster than other stoves in its class.

Size Expanded
About 3" wide
About 2.5" tall

Size Folded
About 1.25 wide
About 2" tall

1.6 Ounces
46 Grams

Made of Aluminum & Copper

Where it's made
Made in China for Apex Giant. If you know of a US manufacture willing to produce this item for us please let us know. We prefer US suppliers when we can.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Apex giant micro stove

First impressions are this little stove is built better than my BRS stove. Overall, the stove just seems more stout compared to the other and the feet are longer allowing a more stable surface for my toaks and small lightweight pots.

Raymond K.
Apex Giant micro stove

I love the size and weight of this stove, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ve only used it a few times, but so far it works great. Thanks

Upgraded BrassRS 3000, Focused Flame

I am a stove junkie, this is a nice brass tube stove with thicker pot rests and a more focused flame, 20 grams heavier, which I am OK with because it packs down to the same size as a BRS. Would I buy it again, yes, it is a pretty little stove that looks more expensive than it’s parent.

thank you!