By purchasing gear from Hilltop Packs you must agree to these terms and conditions.

  1. Do your best to abide by "Leave No Trace" principles.
  2. Never leave camp fires unattended. 
  3. You agree to smile more.
  4. You agree to be more awesome tomorrow than you were yesterday.
  5. Call your loved ones more.
  6. Stop forgetting birthdays
  7. Take more risks. 
  8. You promise to to uncomfortable things.
  9. Replace bad habits with good habits. Or rabbits. 
  10. Do more of what you love. 
  11. You agree that Die Hard is in fact a Christmas movie.
  12. Don't hold grudges.
  13. Get your passport. Even if you never use it.
  14. Be curious.
  15. Make mistakes.
  16. Make more mistakes.
  17. Be ok with it.
  18. Be grateful. 
  19. Learn to climb trees.
  20. Go on a hike. Soon.
  21. You agree to visit Hilltop Packs next time you are near Waynesburg, PA.
  22. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks.
  23. Focus on the present.
  24. Buy a plant. Or don't. But, go look at plants and maybe buy one. Or not.
  25. Text a friend.
  26. Help a stranger.
  27. Dream.
  28. Travel local. There is more to see than you realize...
  29. Forgive easy, love hard.
  30. Support local business.