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Hiker Belts

Size: Small
Color: Black


Ultralight Hiker Belts. Save weight on your belt? Of course!


  • Replace your heavy leather belt. Leather belts can weight 8oz and more!
  • Hiking pants sometimes come with flimsy crappy belts that don't hold up. This would be a major upgrade while still being light weight.
  • Easy to use YKK buckle instead of a traditional belt buckle. Perfect for when hands get cold


  • YKK Buckle. Same buckle we use on our backpacks.
  • 1" Heavy Duty Webbing. Not cheap and flimsy.
  • Weighs just 1.3oz (for the large)
  • Easily trim to size if needed


  • Use your pant waist size. Order a size up if in doubt. Easily trim to size. Leave about 6 inches of tail when trimming. 
  • Small - Up to 32 Inches
  • Medium - 32 - 34 Inches
  • Large - 34-36 inches
  • XL - 36 - 38 Inches
  • XXL 38 - 42 Inches
  • XXXL 42 - 46 inches
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Comfortable belt under hip pack

Comfortable flat belt under a hip pack, I don’t even notice its there.
With the belt loops on my ZipHers pants, I need to take off one side of the belt off the buckle to get the webbing to fit through, but easy to put back on and then I just keep the belts with the pants on a trip.

Perry F.
Love this Belt

I love this belt, light weight and easy to adjust, I wear Kuhl pants almost exclusively, this belt works perfectly with the Renegade and the Revolvr lines. Looks nice as well.

Murdock, G.
Love The Belt

I really like this belt. It's easy to adjust, is the perfect width for my hiking pants and shorts and, unlike the belt I was previously wearing, it isn't so stiff that it digs into my hips when wearing a backpack.

awesome thank you!

nice belt

I really like this belt. The one that came with my pants constantly slips and I'm having to re-tighten several times a day while hiking. This one seems to do a lot better job of staying in place.

thank you!

Gets the job done in a "snap"

Fits my hiking pants and hiking shorts, no problem.

Easy to adjust and just snap it together, another "easy peasy" item from Hilltop Packs and in my chosen color.

4 ounces lighter than the belt I usually so win - win for me.

thank you!