Apex Giant

Backpack Hanger

Color: Black


The Apex Giant "Backpack Hanger" is the perfect solution for hanging your backpack in your closet. 

Most closets include a hanging rod. Most backpacks can't be easily hung using a traditional hanger. So we designed the Apex Giant Backpack Hanger.

Size: 11 x 5.7 inches
Weight: 3.56 ounces
Weight Capacity: Max Capacity 90lbs. Long term storage should not exceed 70lbs
Warranty: Lifetime warranty on all Apex Giant Products

What's included
Includes one gear hanger.

What Is It Made Of?
We used a high density PLA. A high-strength, thermoplastic polymer derived from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. And it's Biodegradable. Better for the planet!

Where it's made.
Apex Giant Gear Hangers are made right here in Pennsylvania USA,

60 Day Return Policy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I initially ordered two of the Apex Giant Backpack Hangers for storing a day pack and an overnight pack then ordered two more after realizing just how great they are for storing even larger packs. Along with providing a flat surface for the shoulder straps (unlike a traditional clothes hanger), the thickness of the hanger is appreciated. I choose not to store my packs with gear in them but there's no doubt that these are strong enough for those who do.

Bruce M.
Sturdy hanger

I use this for backpacks and plate vests. It is plenty strong without being overweight. The ears at each end keep shoulder straps from sliding off.


Nice little hanger holding tough and keeping my pack ready to go

Just what I needed!

I've been hanging backpacks in my closet for a while; it's a great place, but regular plastic hangers break under the weight. This hanger has solved that!!

Jim T.
Great Backpack Hanger

If you like organization, this works well. Strong and looks like it will last.