"Dogbone" Bear bag toggle (PCT Method food bag hang) (APEX GIANT)

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"Dogbone" Bear bag toggle (PCT stick Method food bag hang)

The PCT bear hang method was made popular on the PCT. Hikers use a rod or stick to keep their food bag securely in the air. Acts as a stop against your carabineer when tied correctly.

The Dogbone was created by APEX GIANT to be easy to use and easy to store when not in use. No fancy knots to tie. And each Dogbone stores easily on your carabiner when not in use.

Made in the USA by APEX GIANT

  • Small 2" - 0.09 oz in weight
  • Large 3" - 0.19 oz in weight
  • Made of hard aluminum

Which is size best?
If you use a micro carabiner (like ours) you can get away with using the small. For all other carabiners get the large.

Where it's made
Made right here in the USA by APEX GIANT (Our sister company). APEX GIANT products are designed and made in local machine shops near Waynesburg PA.

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