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Dirty 30 EPLX200 - Ultralight Backpack

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Dirty 30 Ultralight Backpack

  • Weight: 15-18 ounces
  • Volume: 33 Liters (main body)


  • Small 15-17 Torso
  • Medium 17-19 Torso
  • Large 19-21 Torso


  • Large Front Pocket.
  • Large Adjustable Side Pockets.
  • Elastic Cord on front and sides.
  • Sternum Strap (Chest Strap) with whistle
  • Super comfortable shoulder straps.
  • Military Grade Daisychain on the shoulder straps for attaching accessories. 
  • Military Grade Grosgrain Attachment Points all around the pack.
  • Trekking pole adjustable loops
  • Available in White, Gray, Black (or custom printing add-on)


  • Load Lifters $12
  • Bottom Pocket $15
  • 1" Webbing Hip Belt $10 (fully removable)
  • *Padded hip belts will not be an option on this pack
  • Custom Printing $39
  • Front pocket Open Air Mesh or Closed Stretchy Mesh
  • Sit pad rear elastic straps $5


  • EPLX200 Ecopak


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Where it's made
Made right here in the USA by by Hilltop Packs in Waynesburg PA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
AT thru hiking?

Pretty sure I saw one of these in white on the back of a thru hiker passing through the Cumberland Valley today. Might want to track that guy down! It made for a tempting sight.

“Great minds”

I’ll probably never have the privilege of owning this bag. And this probably isn’t the spot to write this, but if your going to let me, I’m going to. Lol

I literally just learned about your company through FB page “Carryology”. The first time I go to your site, I find the “Dirty 30”. I work in what’s called the “Dirty Verde”.

The first time time I went to Flagstaff this last summer on a fire detail, I bought a souvignier, at a Maverick, my “Dirty Thirty”. It was a cheap laminated “cowboy” hat. The hat was only $30 and was dirty from previous shop goers soda drippings lol. But now it’s my companion I take to work with me every day and just love it for what it is. Unfortunately it’s getting pretty worn and dunno how long it’ll last but it was fun.

I may have to get a new “Dirty 30” soon to replace my old one. There was no point to this. Just thought it was funny I came across another “Dirty Thirty”, and couldn’t help but wonder why this was called “Dirty 30” other than the volume size. Why is it “Dirty”??? I may have to find out myself…. A gentleman will never tell. Lol hope to be a customer soon. Thanks for your time.

We hope one day there will be a part 2 to this review :) loved reading this !