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Why Use A Minimalist Wallet From Apex Giant?
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Why Use A Minimalist Wallet From Apex Giant?

Co-owners, Ben McMillen and Travis Duncan opened Apex Giant in 2022 to create USA made products for hiking and backpacking. From the begining they had bigger plans to expand their product line into everyday carry items or "EDC."

The Minimalist Wallet by Apex Giant is one of those crossover products for the company. You can use it on a backpacking trip because it's ultralight and compact. At the same time it functions extremely well in everyday use while taking up very little space in your front pocket. 

As it turns out there are also health benefits from downsizing your old school wallet.

“From a chiropractic standpoint, I see first-hand weekly that when a person sits on a large wallet, their pelvis and spine tilts and rotates to the opposite side,” said Dr. Houston from Tri-State Healthcare, who owns an Apex Giant minimalist wallet.

“Over time, having this large wallet in the back pocket and stress on the spine can lead to problems like Piriformis Syndrome, a condition also known as ‘Fat Wallet Syndrome.’ This condition can cause painful nerve problems like sciatica.

“Converting to a minimalist wallet and carrying it in the front pocket will eliminate the stress on the piriformis muscle almost instantly and in turn eliminate sciatic-like symptoms,” he continued.

Ben and Travis are proud of the success Apex Giant Wallets have had. "We love creating our own products right here in our local community by the hands of people who live here. Sharing those products with the world is pretty cool too." Travis said. 

Still not convinced? Watch this video from Justin from "It's Good In The Woods" on youtube.


You can purchase the Apex Giant Minimalist Wallets online at the following places
You can also see all 50 styles in person at our coffee shop at Hilltop Packs Coffee Company in Waynesburg PA.

For more info on Dr Houston you can visit his practice online at Tri-State Healthcare


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