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Hilltop Packs: Amie & Amanda Recent Job Promotions
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Hilltop Packs: Amie & Amanda Recent Job Promotions

Hilltop Packs LLC
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Hilltop Packs employees Amie Johnson and Amanda Phillips have recently been promoted to new positions within the company.

Amanda has moved up to the position of shop supervisor, and Amie has been named operations manager and now oversees all aspects of the company’s gear production.

Amanda, who resides in Mount Morris with her husband and two children, has been employed with Hilltop Packs since May 2021. She was hired as a part-time shop assistant and quickly moved to a full-time gear maker position, before her recent promotion.

Prior to working at Hilltop Packs, Amanda was employed for three years at Bob Evans Restaurant in Greene County.

Amie, who resides in Waynesburg with her three children, has been working for Hilltop Packs owner Ben McMillen for more than a decade. Prior to the start of her employment at Hilltop Packs in early 2020, she worked with McMillen Photography.

Amie started working at Hilltop Packs on a part-time basis, sewing at home; in October that same year, she was asked to join the company as a full-time shop manager. Prior to her recent promotion Amie held the title of Shop supervisor, the title Amanda now holds.

Although Amie gave up a good job in order to commit to a full-time position Hilltop Packs, She said she is glad she made the decision, as she has seen firsthand the company’s growth and its seemingly unending potential to continue to develop.

Like Amanda, Amie said she loves working at Hilltop Packs. Both women said they feel their co-workers are a second family to them, as everyone works hard together and supports each other.

“We like to call ourselves the ‘Dream Team,’” said Amie. “We all work well together, and we’re all dedicated to doing our best for the company to succeed.”

Ben McMillen said the promotions were well deserved, commending the two women for their work ethic and dedication to the company.

“They are two very important cogs in our effective and efficient well-oiled machine,” he said. “Their work ethic is amazing, they clearly want to see Hilltop Packs succeed. Everyone else who works here has that same mentality and drive … they all want to see success. I can feel that.”

Hilltop Packs is a family-owned business in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, that is focused on creating ultralight and ultra-custom hiking products that ships direct to customers all over the word.

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