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Size Whiste: Single Barrell Whistle


Ultralight emergency whistle made Hilltop Packs for Apex Giant right here in Pennsylvania. There are two different versions. The single barrel we designed it to be as small and light as we could get it and still loud as possible. The double barrel adds more volume.

Single barrel whistle 0.12 Ounces or 3.6 grams
Double barrel whistle 0.24 ounces or 6.8 grams

Both whistles are 2 inches long. Here are the exact specs.
Single barrel whistle 0.45"x2.0"x0.35"
Double barrel whistle 0.84"x2.0"x0.35"

Single Barrel - 127db
Double Barrel - 132db

CAUTION: Note on DB levels. All emergency whistles over 70db can cause damage to your ears. Whistles over 110 can do instant and sometimes unrepairable damage. Even though these are ultralight whistles they can still do serious injury. Please use with caution when needed. These are not toy whistle.

Note about the hole. The hole is big enough to put a cord through and use as a necklace or extra carry handle. Any dyneema cord 2.2mm or smaller whill work. 550 cord will also work. 550 paracord will also work. The single barrel version will fit most keyrings. Most caribiners will NOT fit through this hole. 

What Is It Made Of?
We used PLA. A high-strength, thermoplastic polymer derived from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. And it's Biodegradable. Better for the planet!

Where It's Made
Right here at Hilltop Packs in our 3d print farm in Pennsylvania. USA Made!

Wholesale Options
This item is available for wholesale and group buys. Please contact us for details.

As with all Hilltop Packs produced gear we offer a 2 year warranty. Have a problem? Send it back for a repacement or refund. No questions asked.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Frank S.
Great whistle

As it’s name implies, this whistle is light and loud and the orange color helps in not losing it.

Emergency Whistle

You never know nor do you concern yourself with having one until the day you need it and then you don't have it or do you?

John J.
Crazy loud

I picked up the size small. weighs nothing but screams so loud. no reason not to carry one