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Speed Hangers (Apex Giant)

Size: Small


Perfect for life on the trail. Made of titanium our Speed Hangers or "Speed Hooks" were Designed after trying to find a way to quickly hang our backpacks at camp when the ground is wet. Or, quickly and easily hanging a gravity feed water filtration system. Many other uses. Easy to tie off by wrapping the cord around a tree trunk or branch and looping the cord around the cross bar a few times. No knots needed.

Made in the USA by APEX GIANT

Sizes and weights

Small 1" Tall -  weighs 0.05 ounces
Large 2" Tall - weighs 0.20 ounces

Weight ratings

  • Small rated for up to 35 pounds
  • Large rated up to 80 pounds


  • 6 feet of high zero stretch quality cord.
  • Made of titanium
  • Lifetime warranty on the hanger itself


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      Where it's made
      Made right here in the USA by APEX GIANT (Our sister company). APEX GIANT products are designed and made in local machine shops near Waynesburg PA.

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      This item is available for wholesale and group buys. Please contact us for details.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 13 reviews
      Ron R, "the old guy
      Easy Peasy!

      I can tie knots like crazy but getting them undone is another story so I purchased 2 of these, one for me and one for my hiking partner.

      Weight is so negligible and so easy to use!

      thank you!


      Perfect and light

      These things are great!

      Bought one of each size to try out. They weigh next to nothing and are very useful. I use the large for my pack, and the small for water bladders. Ordered a few more to give to my hiking partners.

      Must have

      This is more useful than I expected (size large) and I won't leave it behind on overnight trips. I use it mostly to filter water (CNOC Vecto with Versaflow filter) but also to hang my pack occasionally. I use it in camp but also to hang the bag and filter water when stopped on the trail - very quick to setup and it makes filtering much easier and quicker.

      Apex Giant

      This is genius, whoever thought of this should get the keys to the city. It's amazing that a little gadget can solve a huge problem. I like to hang my pack and not have it on the ground, this solves the problem. Thank you and keep thinking and coming up with great gadgets. Mark