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Canister Gas Refill Adapter Valve Kit Apex Giant


Propane/isobutane/butane/refill adapters can easily connect with EN417 camping style fuel canisters.

These gas refill adapters kit can be used to to transfer a partially used canister into another partially used canister to minimize wasted fuel.

*Please use with caution. There are many videos on youtube on the process of consolidating used fuel cans. This is the only device you need to do so.

Weighs 42 grams

Where is it made?
This item is produced in China for Apex Giant.

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Customer Reviews

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So much cheaper then the competition

Coleman D.
A money saver

I bought one of these pre-release. They allow me to consolidate (completely refill) partial fuel bottles. So much better than packing partial bottles. After emptying 7 partial cans I used a fuel bottle puncturing tool (similar to a church key) to puncture the empty cans so they could be recycled with my household recycling. A simple elegant tool.

Stephen H.
It works, with some technique

This works, but some experience to get it right: weight canisters before and after, know the empty and full weights of those canisters, keep notes of before and after weights, do not overfill - leave room for gas in the top (not all liquid in canister), **** together very tight, trial a short time to assess how quickly the gas is transfering, canisters will frost up and stop flowing - so a pan of warm water helps, do the transfer outside, no ignition sources nearby, when finished write the percent full on the bottom of the canister. I like to have a set of canisters with different amounts in them, so I can take just the gas I need and save weight.