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Small Ground Sheet (welcome mat) Custom Printed

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Don't want to lay your gear out in the dirt or wet grass? A small ground sheet (or welcome mat) is just want you need. Acts as a personal sized ground sheet.

Size: 20"x27"
Weighs 1oz or 28 grams
Material: Waterproof DTRS75 Ecopak

Size Consideration
This is not meant to go under your tent or tarp. This is meant as a clean place to lay out your gear at camp.

Stake out holes (optional use)
Includes 4 holes precut into each corner should you decide to stake it out. Or just use your gear to hold it down. 


  • Just use the size as the ground sheet 20x27" and set your resolution at 300. 
  • There will be about 1/2 to 1 inch loss around the edges as we sew it together. Allow for this. 
  • Then just upload the same you would any photo.
  • Our editor will fix any minor crop issues so your print is full bleed.

Photo Upload Stuck at 100% ?
This is usually caused by a file size issue. New cellphone cameras can create LARGE file sizes. Also taking photos with "portrait mode" or other filters on store extra data that doesn't play well with with our system. Solution: Use any photo editing software and edit the size of the file to the dimensions of whatever product you are ordering and set your resolution to no higher than 300. This should fix your problem.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect cooking area

This thing is perfect for staging or repacking and helps keep things off the ground. I also use this for a cleaner cooking area. Also can use this to put feet on to put on shoes. Folds down extremely small and is very lightweight.

didn't need it. wanted it.

The perfect size to use as floor mat outside your tent