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Small Bear Bag 2.92 Dyneema with a flat bottom BB


Small Bear Bag 2.92 Dyneema with a flat bottom BB

All bargain bin items carry the same warranty as all our other gear. If you look hard enough you may see stitching that wasn't perfect or a minor printing issue. But will 100% function correctly. Most of these items come from training new employees.

Look above for the actually size of your item. Here is a list of specs that may match your item above.

  • 16x19 Large in 2.92 Dyneema® Weighs 1.9oz
  • 16x19 Large in 1.43 Dyneema® Weighs 1.3oz
  • 11x17 Small in 2.92oz Dyneema® Weighs 1.5oz
  • 11x17 Small in 1.43oz Dyneema® Weighs 1.2oz
  • 16x19 Large in ECOPAK™ DTRS75 Weighs 1.6oz
  • 11x17 Small in ECOPAK™ DTRS75 Weighs 1.15 oz
  • All seams are taped


  • 16x19 Large - 3-7 Days Food (12-13 Liters)
  • 11x17 Small - 1-3 Days Food (7-8 Liters)
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