Elite Refuge Outdoors


Looking for a sturdier more comfortable version of those ultralight chairs? Made by our friends at Elite Refuge Outdoors. Lightweight Camping Table & Compact Chair & Net. Great for Picnics, Fishing, Beach, Camping, Hiking.

  • Everything you need! Includes: 1 Foldable Camp Chair, 1 Packable Folding Table w/Bag, 1 Net!
  • Don't Sink! Our Sand/Mud Net Prevents Portable Camping Chairs from Sinking in Ground, Sand or Grass!
  • Lightweight Chair - 2lbs 8.1 oz; Table - 1lb 5.9 oz! Table 16 x 11.25 and sits 5.5 inch tall
  • This lightweight Hiking Chair has 2 Pockets for your light gear! ?? ?? ??
  • Our Ultralight Foldable Picnic Table is perfect for Soccer, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, & the Beach!
  • Makes a perfect Gift for Hikers!
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