Throw Rope 50 Feet 2.2mm (Zing-it Brand)


Samson Zing It 2.2mm Yellow Throwline

This is absolutely the best line and size for hanging a bear bag. It's what we use on our own bear bag setups when we backpack. The larger 2.2mm is still extremely light and glides over branches much easier than thinner more abrasive lines.

  • Zing-it®/Lash-It® is high strength, lightweight line made out of Dyneema fibers. The proprietary Samthane® coating extends the wear life and ensures knot-holding capability.

  • 2.2mm diameter
  • Tensile Strength: 650 lbs (2.8 kN)
  • 50 Foot section perfect for hanging bear/food bags
  • Weights about 1.5 oz
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